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The Prince’s Magic Carpet – a ride in its own league. You can describe this weapon in three easy words; clean, sharp and aggressive. The brain child of one of bodyboarding’s most recognized figures, Pierre Louis Costes, The Answer contains a template designed for power surfing.

This model features a PP core, with mesh, 2 Carbon Fibre stringer and the Single to Double concave bottom.

Core PP
Stiffeners 2x Carbon Fibre Stringers
Mesh Yes
Deck 8pcf NXL PE Deck Skin
Slick Surlyn Slick Skin
Level Expert
Temperature Temperate

NMD Ben Player ISS Pro Ride PP – 41,5″

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The Player ProRide ISS is the result of years of expereince and advancements in technology by Nick Mesritz (NMD Head Shaper) and Ben Player. The Patented
ProRide technology is the 3rd generation of teh Parabolic Flex System (PFS) which adds extra laminar strength, durability and performance due to two Airex T90 beams laminated
into a Kinetic PP (1.9PCF Polypro) Core. The ProRide series is the most high performance bodyboard at its price point. Combine this with the flexibility and customisation options through
the ISS Stringer System you end up with a very high perfromance craft for all wave conditions and temperatures.  The perfect board for warmer climates or elite riders looking to get the
most speed & performance out of their craft.

3 x World Champion Ben Player has done everything the world of bodyboarding has to offer. He is constantly pushing the realms of what this sport is capable of achieving.
Ben has designed this board for those who want the very best board model with greater speed, recoil & projection key.
You can be sure you’re riding world champion stock when you pick up an with the BP stamp on it

This is what Ben has to say about his model:
“In surfing I am constantly trying to refine my surfing. Every wave I catch and every section that I hit has been an opportunity for betterment.
This season of NMD boards is a representation of this with and 25 years of refinement I have made the template that I think is the best that can be made.
It’s straight so it’s easy to gain and maintain speed and the cores are second to none for any condition.
These two factors combine to give you a versatile and elite wave riding vehicle that I am proud to put my name to.”

CORE: ProRide Kinetic Polypro Core
Kinetic Polypro Core is a state of the art engineered bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flexural properties,
including instant recoil, added projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness & awesome compression strength. This core is 100% waterproof.
STRINGER: – Interchangeable Stinger System™ – This board Includes ISS Base Flex Stringer (equivalent to a standard stringer in flex) & ISS Key.
ISS™ Stringers can be instantly changed simply by using the ISS™ Key to unscrew the current stringer, remove and replace with your desired stringer. It’s that easy.
A range of different flex ISS™ Stringers is available to give you the perfect setup no matter the wave, size, conditions or style of riding.
Now you can create a quiver of boards by just changing stringers to cover the full spectrum of a riders flex requirements.
DECK: Wavecushion 8lb PE Deck
SLICK: Surlyn Slick,
TAIL: Crescent
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Parabolic Base, BP Signature Template, BP Traxion Line Contour, React Slick Mesh, Venturi Channels, 55/45 Double rails, XFL Nose & Tail Armour, Bull Grips, Hand Finished, CNC Shaped, Buzz-Tech Lamination

Board Dimensions

Size Nose NTWP* Width Tail Thickness
41″ 11.625″ 19.25″ 20.625″ 17.625″ 52mm
41.5″ 11.875″ 19.5″ 20.875″ 17.875″ 53mm
42″ 12″ 19.75″ 21.125″ 18.125″ 54mm

Hubboards Houston PP Pro – 41,5″

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Hubboards Houston PP Pro – 41,5″

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The Houston PP Pro is an outstanding high-performance polypro bodyboard that is equipped with Jared Houston’s signature line contour deck, single stringer, mesh, slick bulbs, surlyn slick, and parallel channels (designed for enhanced drive and handling). This is one of the top board models available, especially for riders in search of a bodyboard that checks all the boxes for speed, control and responsiveness.


  • PP Core
  • 8lb PE Deck
  • Line Contour Deck
  • Select sizes offer Single or Double Stringer
  • Slick Bulbs
  • Surlyn Slick
  • Mesh
  • Parallel Channels
  • Crescent Tail

Dimensions: Length x Nose x Width (Nose-to-Wide Point) x Tail x Thickness

  • 40″ x 11.125″ x 20″ (@17.25″) x 17″ x 52mm
  • 41″ x 11.5″ x 20.5″ (@17.75″) x 17.375″ x 52mm
  • 42″ x 11.75″ x 21″ (@18.125″) x 17.875″ x 53mm

Boardshorts NFphotography Night Flash Tam:UK/USA 34 EUR:44

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Tecido principal 90% Poliester, 10% Elastano

Com Bolso de fecho e elastico para chaves

Comprimento de perna 20”



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DECK: Cellu-Cushion® 8lb PE


RAILS: 55/45  Double


Joe rides in total style and his shape reflects exactly that. Taking the best from the best over the last couple years the man has spent surf after surf refining his shape to what it is now. The Joe Clarke D12-PP offers a little bit of flex compared to standard PP allowing for maximum control and durability.

Board Features:

Core: D12 (D12 PP is a lightweight durable Polypropylene offering the rider more flex and recoil. Manufactured as a 1.2LB density, the 100% waterproof core is ideal for the rider looking for a high performance bodyboard with additional flex. D12 is also ideal for colder waters)

Stringer: Single Carbon Fiber Stringer (A bodyboard with 1x Carbon Fiber Stringer utilises a Carbon Fiber rod running through the centre of the board to add longevity by improving stiffness and recoil while also greatly increasing the ability for projection. The single stringer also enhances performance and control. The use of Carbon Fiber ensures no additional weight is added to the board.)

Deck: Cellu-cushion 8lb PE Deck (8lb Polyethylene is the most superior form of deck skin for any bodyboard offering sufficient strength to ensure a longer lasting board.

Slick: HDPE Slick (A hardened slick material that is durable and fast, yet still super responsive)

Rails: 55/45 Chine Double Rails (A rail design enabling a comfortable grip for holding the rails of the board when riding).

Channels: Yes (2 channels on the bottom of the board located at the tail to ensure stability and control on the face of the wave)

Tail: Clipped Crescent Tail (Provides superior control and hold on the wave face while also allowing for ease of rail to rail transitions and release from carves and spins.)

Additional Features: Nose Grips (Small bulbs on the underside of the nose of the board that enhance grip and control), Nose and Tail Buffers (An additional layer of padding on the nose and tail of the board that enhances longevity and durability), Two Piece Tail (An additional layer of 8lb PE Decking on the tail of the board to offer further support to the tail and visually look appealing).

TAIL: Crescent

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Carbon Fibre Stringer, Channels, Nose Grips, Nose and Tail Buffers.

Wax para Bodyboard 90g

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Wax para Bodyboard 90g

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Produto não tóxico, não comestível.

Manter fora de alcance e crianças.

Conservar em local seco, fresco e evitar exposição direta à luz solar.



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Polyethylene core (pe)-8 lb deck skin -1x stringuer – nose bubls- tail piece – nose piece optional tension tech – top chine reinforcement – ms chanels- slick mesh- surlyn slick- 60/40 rails

Surfears 3.0

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Surfears 3.0

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Surf Ears 3.0 The new, updated ear plug system that protects your ears from cold water, wind and pollution while maximizing sound Developed by a team of product designers and dedicated surfers from Sweden. New improved Surf Ears 3.0now protect your ears better than ever before from cold water, the wind and pollution. They do all […]


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